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Top 20 Most Livable U.S. Cities for Wheelchair Users

Every American deserves access to our country’s cities-it’s the law. But what does it really mean for a city to be accessib...

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Accessible Berlin Attractions and Tours for Wheelchairs

Berlin is the capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany and with its 3.4 million inhabitants it also Germany’s biggest city. Berl...

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Žemaitijos kaimo ekspozicija
Žemaitijos kaimo ekspozicija Culture - Museums

Malūno g. 5
Telšiai LT-89492, Lietuva
Tel.: (8 ~ 444) 70 283

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Žemaitijos muziejus “Alka”
Žemaitijos muziejus “Alka” Culture - Museums

Muziejaus g. 31
Telšiai LT-87357, Lietuva
Tel.: (8 ~ 444) 70 282